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Ha Long Bay
3 September 2009

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29 November 2008

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À La Mode
14 November 2008

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Corporate Gang Symbol
10 November 2008

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Alfa Romeo
21 September 2008

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20 September 2008

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B.B. Olive
19 September 2008

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All In
17 September 2008

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16 September 2008

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Wilson Library
15 September 2008

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14 September 2008

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Times Square
12 September 2008

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10 September 2008

Recent Comments

Justin Rhodes on Ancient Olympia
From death life is made. This is beautiful, friend.

k@ on Motoring the Mekong (re-edit)
Paisible et beau...

lili on Silo

Francesc B. on Motoring the Mekong (re-edit)
Magnificent and peaceful scene... and lovely sunset.

Punit on Motoring the Mekong (re-edit)
Superb light, nice composition

Harddog on Colorful Buildings
what a great combination of color...bravo

Judy aka L@dybug on Motoring the Mekong (re-edit)
Excellent light and color, well composed!

DarkElf on Motoring the Mekong (re-edit)
nice composition with good silhouettes that add a lot of interests to this scene! the light and colour tones are ...

Tomek on Motoring the Mekong (re-edit)
Charming Shot and Great Colorous. I love it.

Nina on Motoring the Mekong (re-edit)
Stunning. The light, colors,'s gorgeous.

sunstone_maria on Motoring the Mekong (re-edit)
very good photo! Love it for the colors, well balanced composition and beautiful mood you have created here. Great!

guillaume on Motoring the Mekong (re-edit)
Wonderful ! Like a painting ! Like this !

Shahryar on Motoring the Mekong (re-edit)
great capture :)

Robocop on Thorny
i think it could be even better if you had focused on a part of the thorns 1/3 ish away from the lens, instead of the ...

MARIANA on Mannequins
More than wonderful capture. Bravo !

Gerard on Thorny
excellent, good color combo and sharpness.

MARIANA on Trees (1)
simply amazing ! a real artistic work !

MARIANA on Autumn Leaves, Photographs Are Forever
great focus in this image . love red tree blurred and so charming :)

MARIANA on Gaper's Block
Love this image, although I would focus these girls :)) Anyway, very lovely image !

Like some kind of medieval torture impliment. I would not want to mess with those. Nicely captured Justin, with ...

Monique on Thorny
That looks really dangerous! Lovely colors and details.

Thea on Thorny
Great shot! beautiful DOF and light!

P J W Miller on Gaper's Block
splendid colours

piet on Gaper's Block
excellent composition Justen, great choice for the low POV

clo on Autumn Leaves, Photographs Are Forever
Un effet original avec cette prédominance donnée au flou en arrière plan

clo on Trees (2)
Superbe effet de contre-plongée! L'aspect brumeux donne aussi toute son intensité à la photo!

clo on Gaper's Block
Très belle photo, j'aime beaucoup!

David on Trees (1)
Great exposure. I like the subtle color.

David on Trees (2)
Wow. I like the misty atmosphere and the perspective on this one.

Wild Mustang Photography on Autumn Leaves, Photographs Are Forever
Wonderful DOF and color! Beautiful composition and textures! Nice!

Terral on Ancient Olympia
Love the pink trees.

Terral on Autumn Leaves, Photographs Are Forever
Nice details in the tree. Great fall colors.

seyed asad on Ancient Olympia
nice shot

Karthik on Trees (2)
Lovely mist.. Great capture

Karthik on Trees (1)
Very soft an nice work

Karthik on Ancient Olympia
Nice shot.. The purple flowering trees at background are really nice

Michael on Ancient Olympia
Those cherry blossom trees are a nice touch to this scene.

gimti on All Dried Up
Very nice detail

Rémi Côté on Trees (1)
Artistic and beautiful!

Stefan on Trees (1)

gimti on The Rainy Season
Beatifull shot

gimti on Church of the Holy Sepulchre
I like this type of photos, it takes the moment!

gimti on Trees (1)
Interesting shot, it gives a sense of mystery

Garfield on Barbed
Fascinating image ... why barbed wire here ... who would like to get in, or out of this deserted area? Intriguing ...

Jarrard on Arava Road
This composition is weirdly appealing. It's so asymmetric, but you managed to balance it. Really like it.

Sarito on Scorpion
that is a bit scary..

Curly on Al Sakhra / Temple Mount / Dome of the Rock
You have really done this justice in black and white.

theys on Separation Wall
Very beautiful composition, a beautiful tonality, good framing, cheer!

Céline on Cow Brains
Wao..."great picture", even if the subject is not that funny! But well done, great colors !

Céline on Separation Wall
Great shot, well done

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